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Selected Awards and Publications

2017- Best of Show “Spring City Plein Air”

2017-Purchase Award “Spring City Plein Air”

2017- Commissioned City Scape “Sandy City”

2017- First Place “Sandy City Plein Air”

2016- Best of Show “Spring City Plein Air”

2016- Purchase Award “ Spring City Plein Air”

2016- Award of Merit “Spring City Plein Air”

2015- Second Place “Wasatch Plein Air Paradise, Heber Paint Out”

2015- Award of Merit “Spring City Plein Air”

2009- Award of Merit “Wasatch Plein Air Paradise”

2009- Third Place “Wasatch Plein Air Paradise” (Studio Painting)

2009- First Place and Purchase award “Wasatch Plein Air Paradise, Heber Paint Out”

2008- “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” asked to publish photos of Steve’s small artwork on Dental Crowns    

2008- Best in Show “Plein Air Provo”

2008- Artist Choice Award “Escalante Canyon Plein Air”

2008- Zion’s Bank Selection “ Spring City Plein Air”

2008- Best in Show & Grand Prize “Salt Lake County Fair”

2008- Purchase Award “ Midway’s Wasatch Plein Air Paradise”

2007- Second Place “Escalante Canyon Plein Air “

2007- Second Place “ Wasatch County Plein Air “ (Studio Painting)

2007- Best in Show and Purchase Award “Sandy City Art”

2007- Best in Show “ Salt Lake County Fair”

2007- Best in Show “Spring City Plein Air”

2007- Best in Show “ Ogden Valley Plein Air”

2006- Best in Show “Wasatch County Plein Air”

2006- Zion’s Bank Purchase award

2006- Third place “Wilkerson Plein Air”

2006- Best of Show and Grand Prize “Salt Lake County Fair”

2006- Professional Exhibitor of the year “Salt Lake County Fair”

Memorable Achievments

1978-Hired by Alex Hailey (“Roots” mini-series) to draw his ancestors at different ages and also to produce an artist’s conception of his ancestors’ farms and plantations.

1975- Drew a portrait of Elton John, which the singer autographed.

1975- Won an Art Scholarship

1974- Won four Art Scholarships

1974- Sterling Scholar for Art

1972- As a Junior at Hillcrest High School, took 2nd place in the Springville Museum of Art State High School Competition in oil painting.

1963- Won a Disney coloring contest of “Old Yeller”

1963- At age 9 won first place and $50.00 in the Deseret News Pinocchio coloring contest.

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